Visual display of the Aldo Leopold papers : 9/25/10-1 : Correspondence

0v 13 1948

Mrs. Allen Board
9904 Survick Avenue
Plymouth, Michigna
Dear Bettyi
The enclosed wil- 1t least account for oIt of my s;pare time in the last two or
three weeks. I ha iust gone throuh your two teaching aids in wildlife manage-
ment. Frankly   I vasAtt aware of the typographical errors that you epeak of.
This may be a oi o the times, or an idication that they are really pretty
Of course I try    form a montal picture of the kind of wildalife anagement you
folks are teachl; at ichigan. but I r lezo that one needs ore than an outline
to give such a plcture doeath and colo,.  olng over these outlines at night it
occurred to me that both campuses prob     Q covor much the same field, although
apparently in entirely different ways.   h  tendecy here at Winconsin now is to
emphasize poplation mochanisms in teaQhing the biology of gane populations.
Leopold and the others thought they could Limage wildlife poplA.tions in the
1930's. but in 15 years. learned that they couldn't. hones th    1 aas been a shift
from practical maagement to biology and ecology in their piuro forms. I hops this
shift is only temporary.
Your literture lists represent in joyas a great deal of work. I have tried
to compile such l.ste for our course   widif.&1'e ecology, and I can realise how
much trouble these lists have given you. If I ever get a chance to compare
them against some bibliogsphies around here, 1 will let you know.  Leopold
kept an accumuLaltive index of the gan literature, but I have never been able to
appraise this critically against anothorls bibliograliy. This looks like a good
Peggy and I have finally found a place to live here in Madison, At the moment
we are living 35 miles outside of town under rather undesirable circumstances.
Suzy to very lively, but quite small.  I am hoping to visit D)elta for a couple
of weeks in June. The loss of Professor Teopold is still such a shook that it
will be some time before we realize what a loss he represents. The Governor
appointed a drug store proprietor to his slae on the Commission, and I am told
that the newspapore set up a wide howl.
Give my best regards to Allen and to Warren Chase*
JJH :Yp                                                Joseph J. ickey
Assistant Professor