Visual display of the Aldo Leopold papers : 9/25/10-1 : Correspondence

Professor Thdolf Biennitt
Department of Zoology
University of 4issouri
Wildlife Conservation Axilding
Columbia, Missouri
Dear ladolft
All doctorates i vlvin4 wildlife are here given as joint manjors with some base
spoence department. This is usually soology, but occasionly botany.
There has been . #cent revision of the re-uirements for a joint ajor with Zoology
hence I do not ,e have the mimeographed form. I am attching a typed copy. You
mihit also have isocio ulse for the general course list, rinsoraph of which I am
attaching,a.wspa. This list is Just a oneral orientation for all grades of stu-
dents, but it includes the advanced %oologr Oursis which ouriatu4ents commonly
take.                                                      A
The course requirements for each individual student are M:Ae out by a joint
cowittee in the rvaer usual for all doctorates. Th'e, cominttee is -uided by
the re:miArem-ents on th  attac1 a et, bt it nifiOs the requirements for each
individual to fi   ia        hi t                :nd of job he looks forward to
In the early years of this joinr ajor arrageinnt, there probabl" was a feeling
in Zoology that wildlife was somehow a liht waitht subject which should be com-
pensated for by ext.!,ra heavyr zoology requi reents, buit I am not awaro that any
remnant still exists. The best relations of zmitual confidence rid cooperation
fet obtained at the prosent time. As to tesis re-niremeonts, my standards have
always been more severe than those of &ooloyr, and I imagine our high avemge in
doctorate theses has helped to break dorn any doubts about th% soundoss of the
Joint mjor arrangement. As you know, this Denartnent has, from the ffhet,
require4 a mblishable thesis, and since many of these are in your library,
they will probably need no further ootvent.
Now to to sup-ort for wildlife doctorates.  %t the present time o follcw one of
two  lans.
Pga 1. If the thesis research is local (sdch as on the University Arboretum),
the student :rtr ;t along on a research assistantship ($1oo.oo  or nonth) plus
mileage usual 1 aid by this Departnent. We havfe to cormete for most of these
assistantahips, but usually one to alloted to the Department.
Plta 2. The student alternates in various years betweenocurse work on the
cam.s and in other yenrs a&=a.tedy salaried job in the field. Theose salaried
jobs are mostly with the statn consorvttion department under its Tittatn-Robertson
program, but at times they have been with other states, Can dian Provinces, Delta
Duck Station, etc. T'his of course will not tor: unless the job Is actunlly in

line with the thesis, at least in lare -art.

I an classifying the doctorate students nwf enrolled as between Plan I and Plan 2.
The students who have outside jobs are usually provi4ed with an assistantshi'
for the p*rticrul.r years or seinesters when they return to the oamrpu.
I take it that your pro-osed alan visau lises sore furnds actually put at your
disposal by the state for the salaried su port #f doctorate students. I hope
you on get that, but no such thing has over beA obtalied here.    7ere it not
for the foot that we bwe a rossarob minded mnrt, Irven Busi at the head of
PAttun-Bobertson researb Plan 2 would not work.
Doubtless I have onitted points on which you need inforation. If so, please
come back at me.
With personal rof:a'%Is,
Yours as overt

Ltdo Leopold