Visual display of the Aldo Leopold papers : 9/25/10-1 : Correspondence

if Ok to write it to you. Re said Sure.
I'm hesitant to even seem to offer advice of the sort, and I wont try
to be specific, but I am ascumin[- that you & I are temperementally
much alike, and with very similar personal histories. If so, you will
presumably be as I seem to be, most effective (and "happy)' when rel-
ativly independent - unatlached 9 free to turn at will, start, steo,
back up una otherwise untrammeled. Little of that will be practicable
for a Chief or his -ubs with desks and titles and phones ringing an;
budgets ana Congres6uien, and delegations ant, petitions o. resolutions
from Podunk barber-shops.
Your major function, I take it, i t. oe a catplytic agenlt  (Functi'on
or destiny of what is it?t i've  boiut aeol  d ut is my own case alse.
For bcot of us, I take it, t1 playini                    the gun on
concepts which get receoaition b yrs -x1 >. t. them in proper
soil, integrating amorphous messes so they get temper and h~ld their
cutting edges thereafter..... is (for us) more worth while than personal
(visible) power, titles, carpet on the office floor etc etc.  ut our
effectviness (ania "fun") depends, increasingly (as we get Alc p --I'm
just turned 5O)on having a goc place to do our turning over&  our
sapinnin g. I've seeminelP founu a letter such place than I eter had.
The FrLOinu ufife -un't ue ine what so supoosed to uo; c. 't fi., er me a
title: have left me off the letzerhead for that reason - ana still, I
suppose, right now I'm doing more useful "work" than eter before. In
semi-official m6mos to Commnrs etc I sign myself Syncronist - ana they
have to look that up. Then Poeuah. Then Inspector 7-11-A etcetc
How much of that will be apglicable in your case   can only £uess.
.,uite a lot, I fi er. If then, Clarke'. combination cz.: cffer you
such freedom to spiu in your own time c .ay, in thi Re ion, sn& at
the same time, r'etain your influence at aashington etc., laci guess
it might please you andi prove more - what call it?- "fertile?" than
any desk jcb, no matter hou exalted.

S gThere iL, I think, a somewhat uifferent phase in this. WitLin
z.-pus-. yru, kieh has become something of a laboratory or sumpin, hn
it?  .ith segments of large new stuff ccinix  out (not too noisil, evcry
little while.  4uick-water for fire. The LLbourve,    inventory icea.
Nose-fly & lung,'orm in deer. -3ccd parasite in u    .     ialliams tcn
project. Hubos et al doing thinL ii -e waiters   7ich..... ;n e"in
it a steady & real integration of the institutions a p   rel thru
whidh all  uch mnust cric ins te an  hen go - if they -o; LaborLtcry -
of a Lct. Sire in' cwU from here & iniioculating the neighbors. heble.
LaboraLtcry, t-st place, uemonstration place, things getting trie ane
o men, that of the lct a all number but a sage to bet on, will be
panning out - worth saving.   Anm such thirnls uon't just nothing-but
merely hapben. The.. have to have cataly'tics in 'em OCn't they?
lell, bpread as tlin as they have to be from iashington, tle   r
pretty Camin thin; but concentratee in a State or small (alrea Y
infected) group of states, they aren't toe thin to  take" and make
a showing which the neighbors prese. tly can see - na >anP some of.
1(m wondering. Meboe you coula actually accomplish more (as seen
from "0 yrs herie) oy conitratint- your catalytic, than woul. be
possible if it were thinned out anu gummo.e up via a 'dash Desk. Loks
probable, to me.  3ut now " then a Giff Pinchet ccu1,ects with a ripe
situation :a T R a ten;is so as to do more in & from Wash than coula
otherwise happen. Another Roosevelt, now, and me joe you play ten is
r-al gOcd, I dunco. So I'm not trying to tell you ana it will .)ve a
mean 6ipot to be in (if Clarke had the dope right), but he -', 1.Aking me
what I thought and said it woulc. be Ok to write it uirect  there iL
is.   If I advise it is that you do not get caught in any jam where
your style of inccul tum will get diluted or denaturvXiZed. So damn
little of it anywhere! So potent if it gets injecte in the right
places. Gotta Lave ll cf it at all practicable - aLs I ficcer.
Y v t PSI