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Memorandan re Plana for Harry Anderson:

At a conference with Professor waguer on July 18, the following
plans were laid out:
Anderson will continue on his Arboretma bird list as a master's thesis.
The mamscript will be revised to include such references to Cahn's work as soon
to be within the bounds of probability; also suitable parts of the Chase Journal
and the game records so far accumulated by Leopold and his students.
Professor Gilbert is to be notified that the manuscript will be
ready, probably in about a year, so that the Arboretum Committee can consider plas
for publishing it.
If an NA place is forthmning, it will be given to Anderson for
support of this job. In any event, should Voore decide to relimish his Arboretus
position, it will go to Anderson.
An additional NA place, if available, will be given Elder to start
work on the meamals of the Arboretan. (Fassett is presumably laying plans for
a companion publication on Arboretum plants.)
Anderson is to review the layout for fenced areas to make sure that
they include any bird range needing protection.
There is to be incorporated in the mannscript the management plans for
each new species as prairie chicken, ruffed grouse, heron, sharptail grouse, etc.
If the Moore position goes to Anderson, he will do the bulk of the
work on stomach ezmainations in connection with experimental food patches.
A special effort is to be made to round out the breeding census and
other measurements of population density.
Copies of this are being sent to Anderson, Wagner, Jassett, Gilbert,
and Longenecker.

Aldo Leopold

July 9, 1956.
Mr. Aldo Leopold,
Professor of Game Management,
College of Agriculture,
University of Wisconsin,
Madison, Wisconsin.
Dear Mr. Leopold:
Many thanks for your prompt reply to my telegram of June
Mr. Anderson submitted his application for the position
as Wildlife Foreman on Isle Royale with a statement of his
qualifications. At the same time we received the application
of another man who, while not the possessor of better training,
will perhaps more fully meet the requirements of the field
authorities because of his previous experience in CCC construc-
tion work. As briefly stated in my telegram to you, the posi-
tion is only part time biological. While Anderson's competitor
will probably receive the appointment, I am holding the applic-
ation of your man in case the proposed arrangement falls through.
I greatly appreciate your cooperation in referring us to Mr.
Anderson and will keep him in mind if anything can be done for
I would also like to take this (pportunity to thank you for
your kindness in sending reprints of several of your recent
articles to me. Having recently been in the field for two weeks
I am swamped with work and your publications are in my pending
file, but I anticipate much future pleasure in reading over
your ideas.
Sincerely yours,
Acting Chief,
Wildlife Division.