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  2. [Title page] Foreign relations of the United States, 1946: volume X. The Far East: China
  3. Preface
  4. Contents
  5. The mission of General of the Army George C. Marshall to China to arrange for cessation of civil strife and to bring about political unification (continued from volume IX)
  6. U.S. aid to China
  7. Financial relations between the United States and China; discussions on the settlement of war accounts; export-import bank loans and credits
  8. Negotiations with China regarding the disposition of surplus property
  9. Representations against Soviet removal of Japanese industrial equipment from Manchuria as war booty
  10. Re-opening of consular posts in Manchuria; inability to open consulate at Harbin due to Communist obstruction
  11. Difficulties encountered in re-establishment of consular post at Dairen; interest of the United States in the international status of the Port of Dairen
  12. Chinese attempts to resolve local problems in Sinkiang and Soviet attempts to acquire exclusive trade concessions in that province
  13. Attitude of the Department of State toward recognition of the independence of outer Mongolia
  14. Negotiation of treaty of friendship, commerce and navigation between the United States and China, signed at Nanking, November 4, 1946
  15. Negotiation of civil air transport agreement between the United States and China, signed at Nanking, December 20, 1946
  16. Proposed arrangement for aerial mapping of China by United States army; abandonment of plans except for aerial mapping of Formosa
  17. Technical collaboration in agriculture and forestry between the United States and China; China-United States agricultural mission
  18. Representations by the United States regarding registration of American business firms in China
  19. Discussions concerning acceptable procedure for re-registration of American consular title deeds
  20. Attitude of the United States in opposition to taxation of United States government agencies and personnel in China
  21. Decision to dissolve the China consortium
  22. Interest of the United States in arrangements for assumption by Chinese government of obligations and liabilities of the former diplomatic quarter at Peiping and international settlements at Shanghai and Amoy
  23. Representations regarding Chinese military occupation of American mission properties
  24. Interest of the United States in fair competitive opportunity for American oil companies in China in view of establishment of Chinese government-owned oil company
  25. Opposition by the United States to continuation of foreign purchasing missions; discussions as to future activities of the Chinese supply commission
  26. Index
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