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Visual display of the NG327, Bracket with a Standing Buddha

  1. Bracket with Buddha
  2. View of supporting tenon
  3. Black and white photo
  4. B&W side view
  5. B&W supporting tenon

NG327, Bracket with a Standing Buddha

  • ca. 0100-ca. 0299
  • Bracket with a statue of a standing Buddha right hand raised in abhaya mudrā. Palm lines are incised on the raised hand. With his left hand, he holds the end of his robe. The halo is decorated with a single incised circle near the perimeter. His eyes look downward. The hair is carved in a series of vertical waves from the center and the us̥n̥īs̥a is low. The earlobes are slightly elongated. The robe covers both shoulders. He stands on a plain pedestal. There is a tenon on the underside and there are vertical grooves on the bracket stone behind the figure. Found at the same location as NG328, also a bracket with a Buddha figure at the front.
  • Location found: Level 3, Stūpa 18 E