Visual display of the My Girl

My Girl

  • 1934
  • This poem was found on the inside cover of a book once owned by Willis Holmes, a Somers resident, and now belonging to the Kenosha Historical Society. "Complexion clear as polished wax, Her tongue as sharp as carpet tacks, Her eyes a dark bewitching blue, Her voice is pure and high-toned, too; Her neck's like Annie Laurie's swan, Her words you'd love to dwell upon, Her teeth so pearly, clear and white, You almost wish your ears she'd bite."
  • LK 3/5/08

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Description of Original
1 glass lantern slide ; 8.3 cm. x 10.2 cm.
Location of Original
Kenosha History Center : C. E. Dewey Collection, no. 263
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