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Visual display of the Baltic Sea-Laurentian Great Lakes Comparison Workshop (2)

Baltic Sea-Laurentian Great Lakes Comparison Workshop (2)

  • June 1985
  • Intentional workshop sponsored by the Wisconsin Sea Grant Program and led by Magnuson, to compare two large aquatic systems that have many commonalities. Participants at the Baltic Sea-Laurentian Great Lakes Comparison Workshop were: left to right: Bengt O. Jansson (Baltic Ecosystem Scientist at Stockholm University), Milkael Hildén (fisheries, University of Helsinki, Finland ), unidentified, Stephen Brandt (Ph.D. in 1978 with Magnuson in 1978 and became a well known leader in Great Lakes and Marine research including leading the federal Great Lakes Ecosystem Research Laboratory in Ann Arbor and the Oregon State University Sea Grant Program), John J. Magnuson (kneeling left, director of the Center for Limnology and professor in the Zoology Department), unidentified, Carlos Fetterolf (Great Lakes Fisheries Commission, USA), David J. Rapport (Statistician, Ontario, Canada, kneeling right), Anders Andren (water chemist, University of Wisconsin-Madison, and director of the UW- Wisconsin Sea Grant Program), Aarono Voipio (chemist, Institute of Marine Research, Helsinki, Finland), Kurt Boström (geologist, University of Stockholm).
  • Photo was taken at the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore.

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Magnuson, John J.
June 1985
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35 mm color slide
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