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Description of Original
2 volumes : frontispieces, 2 folded maps (1 in pocket), plans (1 folded), 7 folded facsimiles ; 22 cm.

    1. [Cover]
    2. E O'Donovan
    3. The Merv Oasis : travels and adventures east of the Caspian during the years 1879-80-81, including five months' residence among the Tekkés of Merv: Vol. I
    4. To J. R. Robinson, Esq.
    5. Preface
    6. Contents of the first volume
    7. Chapter I: From Trebizond to the Caspian
    8. Chapter II: Baku
    9. Chapter III: Across the Caspian to Tchikislar and Chatte
    10. Chapter IV: Krasnavodsk
    11. Chapter V: Kara-Boghaz sulphur district
    12. Chapter VI: A Turcoman raid - a visit to Tchikislar
    13. Chapter VII: Tchikislar sketches - Atterek delta
    14. Chapter VIII: Hassan Kouli - death of Lazareff
    15. Chapter IX: From Tchikislar to Asterabad
    16. Chapter X: Asterabad
    17. Chapter XI: From Asterabad to Gumush Tepé - a Persian military camp
    18. Chapter XII: Gumush Tepé
    19. Chapter XIII: Life in the kibitkas
    20. Chapter XIV: Sketches of Gumush Tepé
    21. Chapter XV: Gumush Tepé to Asterabad
    22. Chapter XVI: Round the plains by Ak-Kala
    23. Chapter XVII: Asterabad to Enzeli
    24. Chapter XVIII: Enzeli to Resht
    25. Chapter XIX: Resht to Teheran
    26. Chapter XX: Teheran
    27. Chapter XXI: Teheran (continued)
    28. Chapter XXII: Teheran to Aghivan
    29. Chapter XXIII: Shahrood
    30. Chapter XXIV: A pilgrim caravan
    31. Chapter XXV: Miandasht - Sabzavar
    32. Chapter XXVI: From Sabzavar to Kuchan
    33. Chapter XXVII: Military and political situation
    34. Chapter XXVIII: Kuchan to Meshed
    35. Chapter XXIX: The shrine of Imam Riza
    36. [Cover]
    1. [Cover]
    2. Seal of the principal cadi of Merv
    3. The Merv Oasis: travels and adventures east of the Caspian during the years 1879-80-81, including five months' residence among the Tekkés of Merv: Vol. II
    4. Contents of the second volume
    5. Chapter XXX: Last days at Meshed
    6. Chapter XXXI: Derguez
    7. Chapter XXXII: A Mussulman passion play
    8. Chapter XXXIII: The Attok. Fall of Geok Tepé
    9. Chapter XXXIV: Across the Attok to Kelat-i-Nadri
    10. Chapter XXXV: The ride to Merv
    11. Chapter XXXVI: The ride to Merv (continued)
    12. Chapter XXXVII: Opening scenes at Merv
    13. Chapter XXXVIII: Round about Merv
    14. Chapter XXXIX: Government and history of Merv
    15. Chapter XL: The dam at Benti
    16. Chapter XLI: Water system of Merv
    17. Chapter XLII: Makdum Kuli - signs of revolution
    18. Chapter XLIII: The coming revolution
    19. Chapter XLIV: A visit to the ruins of Merv
    20. Chapter XLV: A day with Makdum Kuli Khan
    21. Chapter XLVI: The triumvirate
    22. Chapter XLVII: Administrative cares
    23. Chapter XLVIII: Aman Niaz Khan's Villa - Kidaieff
    24. Chapter XLIX: A visit to the bazaar
    25. Chapter L: Cookery and occupations at Merv
    26. Chapter LI: Events at Merv - difficulties
    27. Chapter LII: Politics and raiding
    28. Chapter LIII: Last days at Merv
    29. Chapter LIV: Last days at Merv - continued
    30. Chapter LV: The final medjlis
    31. Chapter LVI: Leaving Merv - the road to Meshed
    32. Chapter LVII: Meshed to Constantinople
    33. [Appendices]
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    35. [Cover]