Mi chiamano sciurilla

  • August 21, 1946
  • Neapolitan (Sicilian) love song
  • She (Little Flower) sings how others describe her, the shape of her lips, like a little flower.
  • The Sicilian dialect might be called lazy Italian. Sounds and words are combined. This perhaps came from the curtailment of speech during times of oppression.
  • Sicilian is more liquid, more lovely, and more subtle than Italian. It is like Castillian Spanish, or one might say that French is merely mis-spelled Sicilian.
  • In Sicilian songs the Spanish influence is felt in the flow of the melodic line and especially in the ends of phrases.
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Other title
  • They call me "Little Flower"
Accardi, Joe, 1889-1956
  • August 21, 1946
  • Italian
Description of Original
  • Sound recording
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