Visual display of the Columbia (Ferry/Excursion boat, 1892-1913)

Columbia (Ferry/Excursion boat, 1892-1913)

  • May 20, 1911
  • BOAT TYPE: Ferry/Excursion boat
  • BUILT: 1892 at Jeffersonville, Indiana at Howard Ship Yard
  • FINAL DISPOSITION: Burned at Jeffersonville, Indiana on January 20, 1913
  • OWNERS: Louisville and Jeffersonville Ferry Company
  • OFFICERS & CREW: George Canary (watchman, 1913)
  • RIVERS: Ohio River
  • OTHER INFORMATION: Ways - 1245; Her engines and doctor came from the New Shallcross. Home port or owner's residence circa 1892, Louisville, Kentucky. Original price, $17,750. The fire that destroyed her in 1913 was discovered by watchman George Canary who happened to be the only man on the boat. The Columbia was in her winter quarters at the foot of Watt Street in Jeffersonville, Indiana at the time. The loss was estimated at $30,000
  • PHOTO DESCRIPTION: The U.C.T. (United Commercial Travelers) state convention on board the Columbia at Madison, Indiana on May 20, 1911
  • Columbia (F)


  • May 20, 1911
Local identifier
  • Neg. 15612
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