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  3. Editorial policy
  4. Officers
  5. The wife's prologue as role playing / Alexander, James D.
  6. Hawthorne's Chillingworth: alchemist and physiognomist / Lindborg, Henry J.
  7. Noah in international waters / Piehl, Kathy
  8. The accomplished lady in the English novel / Thurin, Susan Schoenbauer
  9. The captain of Company K five wars later / Gramm, Kent
  10. The rare book department of the University of Wisconsin-Madison: origins of early development, 1948-1960 / Hill, Dennis A.
  11. The welfare muse / Graybosch, Anthony
  12. Some reflections on rights: human, natural, moral, and fundamental / Singer, Marcus G.
  13. Wisconsin's war against Russia, 1918-1919 / Rhodes, Benjamin D.
  14. Incident at Northline / Turcheneske, John A., Jr.
  15. The changing compadrazgo in the United States / Brito, Silvester J.
  16. From arc lights to gigawatts for western Wisconsin / Schultz, Frederick H. C.
  17. Natural hazard exposures, losses and mitigation, costs in the United States, 1970-2000 / Atkisson, Arthur A.; Petak, William J.; Alesch, Daniel J.
  18. Media of exchange / Popp, Edward E.
  19. Botanists and naturalists at Devil's Lake State Park, Wisconsin / Lange, Kenneth I.
  20. History of the University of Wisconsin arboretum prairies / Blewett, Thomas J.; Cottam, Grant
  21. Soil surface dynamics in selected prairies of the Aldo Leopold Memorial Reserve / Herrick, Bruce R.; Hole, Francis D.
  22. Phytochemical and morphological differentiation between Myriophyllum spicatum i. and Myriophyllum exalbescens fern in two Wisconsin lakes / Nichols, Stanley A.
  23. The caddisflies (Trichoptera) of Otter Creek, Wisconsin / Steven, Jeffrey C.; Hilsenhoff, William L.
  24. Gray partridge in northwestern Wisconsin / Evrard, James O.
  25. Characteristics of ruffed grouse drumming sites in northeastern Wisconsin / DeStefano, Stephen.; Rusch, Donald H.
  26. Brook lampreys (Ichthyomyzon fossor and Lampetra appendix) in the Wisconsin portion of the Illinois river drainage / Cochran, Philip A.
  27. Long term comparison of the population structure of the cisco (Coregonus artedii Le Sueur) in smaller lakes / Rudstam, Lars G.
  28. The distribution and zoogeography of lake trout, lake whitefish, and ninespine stickleback in Vilas and Oneida Counties, Wisconsin / Lyons, John
  29. The crystalline monadnocks of north-central Wisconsin / Musolf, Gene E.
  30. Addresses of the authors