A large number are even in favor of as small a limit as ten 
for one day and fifteen for the week. Personally I am in 
favor of that number. I understand a compromise has been 
decided upon of fifteen for the day and twenty for the week. 
The sportsman of the Pacific C~ast aection cannot understand 
the attitude of the Biological Survey, particularly that of 
Mr. Reddington, in the opposition to repeated requests that 
have been made for a revision in the limit of migratory birds. 
          As we see it, there are just two methods that can be used 
in controlling the shooting of migratory birds - one by the 
means of reducing the game limit and the other by the means of 
restricting all territory to xcuh an extent as to practically 
prevent any shooting except on private resevers. Personally 
I am in favor of a reduced limit. 
          I furthermore wish to express my appreciation of the 
interest you have indicated, especially in the arrangement you 
have made for Mr. Fry to communicate with me and I hope that 
he will be given the opportunity to carefully investigate the 
actual conditions of the Tule Lake section during the hunting 
season.   The residents of the Klamath Falls secti)n would welcome 
impartial investigation of the actual conditions existing during 
the hunting season. 
          I will greatly appreciate having this matter brought 
before the attention of the Game Committee of the Sporting Arms 
and Ammunition Manufacturers Institute, and wish to reciprocate 
with best wishes for the New Year. 
                              Yours very truly, 
                              MARSHALL WdELLS COMPANY 
" Mgr. Sporting Goods Dept.