ORy James H. Ilelng,. 
On      Natural Science Buleeti, Vol. I, No. 2, issud 4w 18. 1906. 
        thae & rptalled Gramme,, so well knw   in the Canadian West AS

th-e Prri e Chcen, is reprsented in Ontario by two forest one the 
well known Prairie arp2iled      , ge, log  s           aao    -s. 
of Manitoba, is of emwatiely ret Introducio, omin east 
the building of the Canadia Pacific  ailwm. an  occrrin at Port 
Arthur, at the hea of Labs Serior, and pssibly elsewhere. The No-rthrn 
Sarp-tailed G    ,r ,                     is the for of most interest, 
and of whit loes to kno,      r than the prairie biru it is not d4ifficlt

to d4ati.nguh. 
        Ox the east coast of Hudshn's By, Mr. A. P. Lowe gives lat. 57* 
as the northernmt h of its rae an sW s it wlntes at Great Vial  River. 
He took a set of Wes on May 20. 1989, at Fort George, on Jmes Bay. Thse 
es are a dark coffe brown, darker than ary sets I have se     from Maitoba,

Acording to Bishop Jeinhas the Sharp-tails arrive at Moose Factory, James

14W, from the north-est, umally we the arsh har is being gathered, and 
are shot in eonsidwbab maers. They frepxt1 stay all winter and lve 
in the spring. At Lake Abittibi they ae said to occur pretty reglarly. 
in October. On Lke Tmiskming they do not seem to occur reguarly, though 
the bird is frequently found there In October. 
        In 1896 a ftlhit passed mouth of the uisa limits lnto the districts

of Par-7 i   and Mis   . At         s, an L                s Atak 
on October 10th and examined by Mr. P. A. ?averner; others were reported
H~Iatsville. Port Cockburn sand Braebridge, in Mkk    at Adale and aelo-

where in ParY Seud, Te flight was not large, ad had disapeared by 
the and of October, assisted, no doubt, by the considerable flight of Goshaw

aa  Golden Eales that ow ta     Ontario over probably the se route as the

Grew. te. 
-Toronto, Canada. 
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