Janmnwy 4, 1940 
Mr. Ufford Pfto.t 
Pike Qmuty 
pexar @vati 
         I     appla  proposal to writ* a historyof the Servioe, aa 
"pootal.   roa proposal to prerve historiecl    materi.lsin the iWAW3
Conr~ess. It in unlikel~y that W oen book, even from your pan, will 
apture all the Ane  of the steor. an pehaps a geration or two      a 
el   ose before itf vAues eoa be truly wait by aerJoe. 
         Unfowtimatoey I bavA not ket s. diAry,- AM a~w attamt of mine 
to oey1.7 Mth your .eet a. a woe w   d enoo become a book rather tha 
a letter. I am trying to sireo out rht more limtU contribtton from ne 
usuld be mst u ul to you 
         I take it youa want to write a critical its well at % factual. 
~accut of the 1.reat Sprvic t.&ea. If so, I "a quite sure that w
oeatrtbtion wold. be an the critical side. Do yto. want me to &%temt
istoy of Frsit Servie Vtht, &a.            lite4 isn the cthwoetn Regi,

u  to Wrlda r I or thereabouts? Ae      lly the year 192 ma0  s a 
point from (vht shAll I *all It? a certain. viwp.tat, as yet %uxmesa) to

  an. ~       4slgca  a* of th~dg  I anwiling to attemt this, althoa    I

make s prxes as to the value of the rslt. Of eouse I wm.s          Illustrate

this abotreat treatment with local cocete weymt. Lot we know whether this

niht fit In. 
                                   Tours cordialy, 
ce PoolerPrfsoofWllf                                eaem