everything we desire to appraise," observed W.C. Henderson, one of the

leading officials of the United States biological survey, in addressing 
a convention of the Izaak Walton League of America in New Hampshire re- 
cently, He then proceeded to lay down the financial yardstick in proving

his claim that birds and wild game have a direct economic value to the 
people of every state even though that value is difficult to measure at 
the time. 
    The average citizen is not apt to think of New Hampshire as one of 
the great game states of the nation, but nevertheless, Mr. Henderson, 
who is one of the best authorities in the United States, says the annual

return to that state through game and birds is $6,500,000, and he divided

this economic return by placing the valuations for flesh, fur and feather

at 4400,000; for insect destroying services of birds, 8.1,600,000; for re-

creational values, in connection with the general tourist business, 
43,000,0O0, and for returns due to game alone, 4100,000 from license fees,

and 41,500,000 for general expenditures by hunters, These figures omit 
reference to values from fish, which are not within the scope of the bi-

ological survey work. The figures are believed to be conservative, 
     Apply the same yardstick to Idaho, recognized as one of the greatest

remaining haunts of wild life in the country and it will be seen that 
fish and game constitute an enormous economic value..,