Divildoa of Wil11dfe * ment 
4     m   tty 7ar, plae 
1.bmary 11,. 1939 
itr. R. L. Mitcell 
Xe" York 
Dow Mithell$ 
          I an very gad to serve as one of your referenes 
for Civil Servi  p, and I asese that I will be 
aetifle when aqthin is expeted of me. 
          I an g   that you are getttin yourelf a Civil 
Servioe rating. Riker wa  I h&av done a goo deal of wor 
tryin  to pry somethin opes here, but the cireumstae  see 
to be stck   up aginst us, SIne you were here we have 
had an econ   wave that I ean best Adesribe by sying that 
my own position is at present unrovided for. 
          I am glad to have the historical inforuaton abmt 
ym. Riker and I would appreciate yor   "pngu     a line as' 
we would like to know whore yo eventally place. It is a 
dieappeintmen to us Aot t have the Wisconsia neqotiAtion 
more hopefual at this timn. 
                          Sincerely yours, 
                                 Ald Leopold 
Vb                      Professor of Wildlife M~neeent