Yellowstone Park, 71yo. 
                                           February 18, 1931 
Mr. Aldo Leopold, 
421 Chemistry Bldg., 
  Madison, Wis. 
Dear Sir: 
           I have been engaged in Yellowstone Park for the past two 
years in a big game animal study under a co-operative agreement be- 
tween the Forest Survice, Park Service, Biological Survey and the 
Montana State Came Commission, with the objective in view that a 
more scientific game management plan might be evolved for this region. 
           My contract on this project expires on May first of this 
year and Mr. Paul Fair suggested that I write you for advice as to 
anything new that might come up in the near future along such lines 
as I have been working on. 
           For references I can offer the following; 
Mr. Thomas Marlowe, Missoula, Montana, of the State Game Commission 
Mr. Horace M. Albright, Washington, D.C. 
Mr. Paul G. Redington, Washington, D.U. 
Mr.Robert Stuart, Washington, D. C. 
Mr. Joseph Dixon, American Trust Building, Berkeley, Calif. 
Mr. Glen A. Smith, Forest Service, Missoula, Montana 
Mr. Robert H. Hill, State Game Warden, Helena, Montana 
           Any information which you can give me on finding a new 
field for my activities will be greatly appreciated. 
                            Very truly your 
                                     71. M. Rush