.1u1r T7s 1936 
Mr. Albert . Antret 
Great Bai  Branc Statien 
7.rest Servi 
  DerM. ntwot. 
Colorao Sate Atelope     e  . lhile I d not knw th 
are, the gIenr   0t--t uca    vfeT vallar to the doxf 
or moe antelope remnats n New Mexico with whlid I am 
familiar in detaill 
          In a cae like this, om. rwadietav protection 
against poahu ami livestock a    ~tittlo wsom to be the 
frsrt moe 
         Whether the preset population of 500 represents 
an abolute mtnimmu below hic the her wou14 be wipe out 
would, of omrse, be difficult tr me to say, even if I 
conld see the area. Certainly. however, sac a coningnc 
might threate at the present time. 
                         Your* sinrel, 
                                  Aldo Les-n1t 
                           Professor of 0e* u~ngmint