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                             BUREAU OF BIOLOGICAL SURVEY14 
                                            University of A~rizona 
                                            Tucson, Arizona 
                                            January 11, 12 
    Mr. Aldo Leopold 
    421 Cbemistry Bldg.                                      L 
    Madison, Wisconsin 
    Dear Mr. Leopold: 
    I have read your prospectus for a Demonstration in NSatural Q~uail Farming

    with intense interest. 
    The quail problem in the Southwest seemrs to me to be more a range problem

S   than a farm problem.  In certain respects the plans will probably have
    be changed to make the demonstration fit our conditions. I have just
Ir  discussing this matter with Dr. Vorhies. We plan within the next few
to get together with Dr. Horace (Gunthorp, head of the department of biology

at the university, and draw up an outline of the proposed work for your 
consideration, that is, provided there is anybody in sight In the university

who is a promising candidate for a fellowship. 
Four a l~ong timie I n±ve fe.lt, the need of a througxi-guxin dmonstration
the type proposed on range lands. I am sure Dr. Vorhies is in hearty 
sympathy with this also. I am much edified with the way you have worked 
out the whole natter of increasing the quail supply.   To my mind, adequate

life history studies as planned promise much toward "more game".
farther I go in considering the needs of wild life management in the 
Southwest the more convinced I become that expansion of studies along this

line is much to be desired. Such studies carefully planned and resolutely

executed will not only help increase game production but will tend to 
conserve the forests, augment the vegetation cover, save the soil, and 
protect the water supply.   But I certainly don't have to tell Iyou any of

these things) 
What is the status of your book? We are counting on seeing it soon. 
Your questio=Mli~ehas not been forgotten. I turned it over to the officers

of the Tucson Glame Protective Association for attention. The Tucson local

has been so busy organizing additional associations and working up a new

game code for Arizona that so far as I know, no work has been done on the

                                         Sincerely yours, 
                                                Senior Biologist.