-Amst 27, 1934 
         The folowing ntes wer obtained from 3s7 T, Moong 
    Nie-I1  CMThree aes, Wi~sconin    I cant recal  whther 
we were togeter *ho I got this Information or whether I got It 
after we parte ooaaW   but to mom sure I am sendin you a digest 
of It* The infouatton preemably applies to the nibrodof 
Mne-411e Camp 
  kill~  , The six* of the broods this year seems biger than the 
*iw of the broods l.ast Year (1933). Thia appies to the o~rner of 
Forest, Tilas, and Oneida *ooiieu, 
   "CAMU. There awe fewer rabbits eve in the unpolsonedareas than 
In 1933. It Is estimated that there awe one-quwte to one-half 1sess 
Shn=       So   to be abo-ut the sae as last year. 
    Doo SI Ralo.Three gas~sau frm local observers ran 6~1, Itil, 311 
as the prprion of does to backs, 
7iie: Cycl  fode