L date. He describea dt 
ýf land which is now under 
iment for the game farm 
a 30-acre area between 
on and Barron. 
iately planned   for the 
ation of all kinds of game 
s, the conmmittee has de- 
upon a specialization at 
n pheasants. This county 
.iginally been a favorable 
fov the birds, but they 
been largely the victims 
Lter-kill and the weather 
there are few remaining 
mts in the county. Accord- 
Neil McDonald-of Turtl 
one of the Game Farm's 
t boosters since the beg- 
and also a member of 
nservatlon Committee, the 
do not    become   scarce 
ily as victims of foxes 
.and other predators, a 
   3e  eieved, but are lout 
physiral development of 
fuge. Pens, water systems 
- arrangementsiands aor 
uheds and   a caxetaker'd 
must be built. The funids 
are allocated by the sou 
oard not being sufficient' 
,er the initial expenses of 
uctlon, memberships and 
)utions are being accepted. 
pdefray these costs. The 
ýrland Civic Club voted to 
aute the amount of $256 
Game Farm Fund. 
expected that perations 
ýgin at the game frmthis 
Birds are furnished free 
E State Conservation De 
ent, with 8 weeks feed 
5 to 7 thousand of the 
will be raised. When the 
are sufficiently grown s 
ýhey can run wild, about 
will be equally distributed 
I the county. During the 
nt season an equal num 
full-grown birds will be 
4d for hunters. Inasmuch 
-asants cannot be tamed 
a no cruelty in the method 
ach birds will be equally 
it as targets as birds who 
seen wild. After each sea- 
number of adult pheasants 
e liberated for propaga, 
ie Warden Jim Scolmar 
sized the county - wide 
of the project, and pointed 
at birds will be distributec 
Sregardless of the origi- 
of contributions. 
interesting point mention- 
the Warden also was thai 
'nts seem to thrive better 
cs of drier weather. It is 
probable that we are to 
a dry cycle of years now 
Le time is opportune for 
SBarron County back on 
tof fine pheasant hunting