~42) Un~iversity Yarm
                                                      Octobmr 10, 1939 
Division of Wildlife ftagenent 
           Mr. Arthur Qarhart 
           am.- and lish Coission 
           Daver, Ool-ra4 
           Dear Oahart t 
                    I am pleased to now of your new Connection. 
                    I think the best browse studies that have come to MY

           notice are those mae by the western rage        The. the most

           Scintifite peceo of work by anyone whose work mght have ar 
           particlar bearing on yor nuesd is the recent one "F A. A.
           Univenity of Arizonat "Zerizaeatal Feeding of Deo,"
Tea. Bl. 
           No. 75. uuae 15, 1938, Uuiveors.i of Arison, Teuson. 39 pp. 
                    I an afraid I have nut a geat deal of oeofideoe in 
           standardize us ryeq flung over a Aiole state. At least I think

           the idea has been mh abased *eAof late. What I am tryn to Sa 
           Is that the evidence xst be sized u   separately for eah locality.

           The beat general principle to W mind. Is the old one of nting

           the stats of the rmst palatable plants. If the are g        udr,

           then there are too man der. 
                    Tou will. enjy reading "A 1ewd. of Re4 Doer"
by V. Vrmeor 
           Drlin  (Oxford University Preoe, London, 193T). While this will

           not bear directly on yu problem, it is uniqe in the W     of deor

                    Yo probably  w  of the brows studies under way in 
           Miehipm uner Hrr Bhlis direction. If not, he c        son4 yoe

           at least brief  ublished descriptions of them which have ome out

           in the Miig   Conservatnist. 
                                        Yours sincerely, 
                                                Aldo Leopold 
                  Signed inProfessor of Wildlife Conservation 
           Xr. L.sopois aIone