Mr. Aldo Leopold, 
Forest Products Laboratory, 
U. S. Forest Service, 
Madison, Wisconsin. 
Dear Mr. Leopold; 
          Yes, I know Mr. D(D. McLean very well. Dr. Storer and 
I "discovered" him, as a promising country boy, when we were in

the early stages of our survey of the Yosemite section. Subse- 
quently, he served as natural history collector for this Museum; 
and for at least three summers I was encamped on his father's 
ranch at Coulterville, so that, naturally, there was a good deal 
of association. 
          Later, McLean was taken on as Assistant in the newly 
established Yosemite uaseum; and then he became a nature guide. 
Now, he is associated with Dr. H. C. Bryant in the educational 
work of the State Fish and Game Division. 
          McLean has keen powers of field observation. I at 
one time held high expectations of his development into a thorough- 
going field naturalist. Bat he lacked ability to fix his atten- 
tion upon a definite program; and he was not literarily inclined. 
I think, right now, he has a berth to his liking, and in which he 
is highly appreciated. He can be reached through the California 
Fish and Came Division, Russ Building, San Francisco. 
                                 Very truly yours,