3.                             4~T4*4A4 
   where the public generally shall hunt and fish, but such areas 
' should not be kept solely for hunting and fisting as far as 
   other usable resources thereon are concerned. The sooner we 
   meet squarely the  charges of "commercializing of the national 
   forests" the better, in my ppinion. We should meet it by admittinj

   honestly and frankly that the national forests are to be 
   corniercilized in the sense that all of their resources are going 
   to be made to produce a money return, forthat is fore try. 
   The NTational Parks are the -museums, the 6primry game refuges, 
   the playgrounds, the superb scenic areas, etc.   We are forever 
   copying National Park Service ideas and policies, and we shall 
   certainly rue it, in my opinion. 
                                      Well, enough of that for the 
                  I know that you are mighty busy, but when and' if 
   you get a chance, drop me a line as to any possibilities of your 
   getting West this year.      Best, as  always to Stella, the 
   family,and to yourself. 
  P.S. The hote from Marguerite Ives, of "Outdoor America" 
regarding your happening to drop in when she was looking 
over some photos I sent, was quite a coincidence. I wrote 
the darnidd article with the Sat. Ev. Post in mind, but the 
blue slip was all I got, so sent it on to O.A.; she says it 
may aplE ar in August number. 
              f) W.Ac