I. T. Bode 
                  1145 46th Street 
                  DesMoines, Iowa 
Mr. Aldo Leopold, 
Conservation Division, 
University of Wisconsin, 
Madison, Wisconsin. 
Dear Aldo: 
I don't know how much you have learned regarding the re- 
cent shakeup here in Iowa in the Conservation Department, 
but I hope you will reserve your final judgement until 
you may have had an opportunity to learn most of the facts. 
I make this statement because I happen to know that in 
order to give some logicai defense for some of the things 
which have occurred there are beginning to be circulated 
certain insinuations that are very far from the truth 
and very unfair to those involved. 
The sum and substance of the matter is that the putting 
throt& of the consolidation legislation in the last sessioa 
of tfe legislature, because of a few brief but important 
wordings in same, has given the opportunity for exercise 
of certain types of control which are not at all wholesome. 
I believe that even the members from the old boards who 
were staunch in there keeping the old affairs as they should 
be, have turned. The plans which were laid by you and 
Mr. Crane and members of the old boards for development 
of certain personel, and the objective for which I went 
with the former Fish and Game Commission, have pretty 
much crumbled. The net result is that I refused to acceed 
to the status of affairs as I saw it developing and gave 
my intent of resigning. I am now out of the organization, 
and I don't want to give you the full details until such 
time as I can talk it over with you personally. I presume 
you will have an opportunity to talk over the matter with 
members of the new commission before I get to see you. 
If so, may I ask as a favor for friendship's sake that you 
do not draw your conclusions until you know the rest of 
the picture, regardless of how plausible the explanations 
may seem. 
For my own part I have been negotiating with the Biological 
Survey for a position. The status of that now is that I 
have passed the Civil Service examination and am awaiting 
word as to the date to report for duty. I saw Jay last week 
and apparently the getting of the matter through the red 
tape at Washington is the only final arrangement. It will 
be an interesting piece of work and means advancement for 
me. I hope I can get an opportunity to talk to you before 
I actually start out on the work.