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Sztraot from ltter of Jan, 23, 1935, from Prof. H. F. Wilson    ntomolog
Unverity   f Wir 
     "Severl tis in the fall I made specifio inquiries of farmers in

Marthon, Lincoln, Brro and Rusk couaties about the prair'ie 
S    farmers me fin    dea birds in the field, one fam rTpotin as 
S    a five as one 5rnmina  felt that the g        bait was reona .ible.

Ewar, In eac   case I learnse abeot, no peoisonig watever had been dn 
within five miles or more of where the dead birds were fou, 
     'lore are some appeat       s f hit   I might point out. from all rprts,

the bids were as abund   a Ooout. County as waal, an no deat bir.s 
we re         F.rom Za Me C      west the hits seem to have decreased 
greatly in mber  since 1933. D     the season of 1933 1 kw that the 
birds were ver       t ia b* Oouuty, as nther man sat I fluh ed whkt 
was estimate to be mm than a        , and we seemt the limit in about 
two hors *a   d. In this sme ter tory in 1934, only three birs were 
seen by our grup  I looke over a large ace"'>   in Rus  0*uay where
were           t    19,33- Ia. the fall of 1934, three of us orsiag for a

distance of abut usi miles found only one sign. And the territory seemet
as to be about as ide.l as anything I had ever seen. No signs of dead bitds

were found and this territory was fifteen or tMty miles from the 
where the poiso bait hat been spread. I could not fizur    out   q reason

for the birds havig diappeared, uless it was drougt at the time when tw 
you  haatced. Oservations en the rought area showed that it extended almost

to Oeoato Couty. While there was some drought condition in Oconto C.z;ty

and estward, It was not nearly' so serious,"