Visual display of the Aldo Leopold papers : 9/25/10-3 : County, State and Foreign Files

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rft*s w   imrtt fertility loss       ich should be redud. In ether 
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ot be *xpaod while fittin   for plantin an St times it itosirable to 
UA, the land fall plowe, and the plnting of pemanet shelter belts is the

beet available **the& of poteetion. 
        belter belts shu&l be of a mixed patin of cotceh snd bNrway 
pVias or       a       pius* with Jac or  eeth pine or the outside an 
Norw   pieoa the iside.     #e spacin isa this teitor shuld b a little 
*iAer than usual, probably *i4*t IV eight feet, the plas beag stagered ina

alternte ros. th niali     width of shelter belts should be fou r ows with

some . wa fixed. If the planting of shelter belts be wider than four rows
should be ma. ia ulte  te platin   of      a    Scotob or Ja  pins, 
because survival of the Rwa pins voa some of the pem or drier soils of 
Wei ara is not a seltaia mattor. h writeor believes that lNorwa pino should

be planted for tbo paoupe* of fimickia small ttubue, eto., to fstwro 
semations bat that the s-ncee, ffietiene, mad   rati  of t   shelter 
belt shouldt not depen  entirly upon the. In aition to field proteetion 
thes of iving timber (*nw tre    ) proteetion of highewas qagaist sum 
blockades *shoul be consitewet. fte plan provides the mdas ro#a with sNaw

fonoos* or solid timber protectien teoept is a for ease*. 1ho loodside "w