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the 1lne faee ftro of timber. Wheor timbr is fmat wes both side       of

the ltser fences eWhoe fire lease are to 'be established, the way *saw 
spac. on each side of t5 fenc but fom the staotut of operation nd. 
that the farers will maitain those firs lanss with saw aposeation from 
state or    ty. ley wot have the prvilee of ptting crop* us       them 
which preeted ". fire     ,a"  a    he  ,e t return seoo  frm the
Vith eva* duasI ,tilimatiou in mind$ the fir. lane* a" not always located

directly voa latd lines but Wherever *eil condition ake fer expectation 
of laer returns to the perss ** saintain this. hI some lstanee* the 
fire loe* or pertloss thereof we entirely Iaitbl. for e    ng a" 
woult be sipl saintained as 'bae load. 
        Ikn    *las fo   the moaisease of pproximtely 54 milos of fire 
lane in the   a". Of this total prelb*)    about fifty per east *&&It
to be new  Oetablslh*  In exlsting tiber  t the Waimea merely require 
        In order to rete the Areage of poor sgriovatm       plow-ea- , *bolter

belts should be sastaimet at a stism width of two rods without a set 
owmytim. Unde certain .esItitnse the fire lanes may be wide3ed. is order
provite for neededa rop Uea, but shelter bets shoild never be reduced below

tw. rods is width to be most offestiie. 
        Whi stheter 'belts are full grow, oem aleag the vest site of every

forty would proh5bly provite adequte protoetios. U~mvew, in order to provide

j~il proteetios and in order to r#m     the #AM    of gtor Iaa In egoaa 
the location of two *belter belts per forty has 1boe #movralliy rsssediet
the land  e map. 
        mo fros widstoerms to fields    ed crops is sot alwms apparent. 

rimtal results      emwe4 at the Seo* 3xP#Amat Asmt .-eva that 
the cas m   be InJ  d    wiM   tome   m still mk a sta, bet the ieolds 
y U     rued ot   Slo mor s  . Dm- to corn ti the most noticeble, bat 
other rp   a   ese InJt,4 b   drifting aa*. lot only Is the irrogalar 
but certainnuy o ore     a seros en, bat the lees of the finer 
partiales of .eil *ad the blosi out of orgic atter whe the sufacs, M 
rft*s w   imrtt fertility loss       ich should be redud. In ether 
words. smdst m   to damage st 0y17     a    crops are, u  the field, bat

also whe the *11 is ~exose In the w1Ater se*W. Msttinuos *eve with 
gow UiAt    cos will reatfly ros. suah bloswn of *an, but th       sell 
ot be *xpaod while fittin   for plantin an St times it itosirable to 
UA, the land fall plowe, and the plnting of pemanet shelter belts is the

beet available **the& of poteetion. 
        belter belts shu&l be of a mixed patin of cotceh snd bNrway 
pVias or       a       pius* with Jac or  eeth pine or the outside an 
Norw   pieoa the iside.     #e spacin isa this teitor shuld b a little 
*iAer than usual, probably *i4*t IV eight feet, the plas beag stagered ina

alternte ros. th niali     width of shelter belts should be fou r ows with

some . wa fixed. If the planting of shelter belts be wider than four rows
should be ma. ia ulte  te platin   of      a    Scotob or Ja  pins, 
because survival of the Rwa pins voa some of the pem or drier soils of 
Wei ara is not a seltaia mattor. h writeor believes that lNorwa pino should

be planted for tbo paoupe* of fimickia small ttubue, eto., to fstwro 
semations bat that the s-ncee, ffietiene, mad   rati  of t   shelter 
belt shouldt not depen  entirly upon the. In aition to field proteetion 
thes of iving timber (*nw tre    ) proteetion of highewas qagaist sum 
blockades *shoul be consitewet. fte plan provides the mdas ro#a with sNaw

fonoos* or solid timber protectien teoept is a for ease*. 1ho loodside "w