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J. B. HARKIN,                                             NATIONAL PARKS

      COMMISSIONER                                        MIGRATORY BIRDS
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                       DEPARTMENT -OF THE INTERIOR 
                           NATIONAL PARKS OF CANADA 
 IN YOU REPLY REFE To FILEPERSONAL.         June 16,1930. 
                Dear Leopold,- 
                                I was very much interested ih your 
                beginning of a summary of drinking habits of game 
                birds and mammals. Unfortunately, I am afraid that 
                I have not much to add. There is a good deal of 
                valuable information hidden in private note books, 
                however, and I think that you might get good infor- 
                mnation by encouraging observers to record what they 
                have seen in places where it will be available to 
                subsequent workers in the same field. To my mind 
                there is always the danger of getting erroneous in- 
                formation by sending out a simple questionnaire. The 
                questions sometimes have the effect of being leading 
                questions and of influencing the answers. This ob- 
                jection does not arise where the obseiver records 
                the things that he sees without any definite ques- 
                tions before him. 
                                Perhaps it would help you to circul- 
                arize such papers as "The Auk," The Journal of
                malogy," Eind the Canadian Field-Naturalist " and
                to encourage observers to place on record facts re- 
                lating to the water requirements of game. 
                                With kind regards, I remain 
Aldo Leopold., Esq.,                Yours very truly, 
    In Charge, Game Survey, 
       421 Chemistry Building, 
Madison, Wisconsin, U.S.A. 

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    COMMIsaHER                                        MIGRATORY BIRDS CONVENTION
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                     DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR 
                         NATIONAL PARKS OF CANADA 
                Personal.        OTTAWA 
IN YOUR REPLY R   TO VL....................... .......... 
        Dear Mr. Leopold,- 
                  With reference to your letter of April 29, 
        1930, I handed the "Canadian Field-Naturalist" your 
        enclosure ordering a copy of the number which con- 
        tains the article on the Gray Partridge in the Okana- 
        gan Valley, British Columbia. 
                  The "Naturalist" is a very important paper 
        and contains numerous articles on Canadian game mam- 
        mals, and migratory birds. Of course it contains 
        much material other than mammals and birds. It is 
        too bad that you cannot find a complete file of it 
        for analysis along the line that you require. Per- 
        haps you had better come and work at Ottawa for a 
        while where several files are available. Seton quotes 
        from it quite widely in his book "Lives." I do not 
        know that you need the complete set of the"Canadian 
        Field-Naturalist". It might do if you had it from 
        1918 to date. This can be furnished at a reasonable 
        price by the Club. The particular items on Canadian 
        game which might be of interest to you, and which are 
        not listed in your letter are : Taverner's "Birds of 
,      Western Canada", book, - for sale by National Museum 
        of Canada, $2.00 per copy; Taverner's Birds of Eastern 
   i    0anada", ou.t of print; Macoun and Macoun "Catalogue 
        of Canadian Birds", out of print, often for sale at 
        about $3.00; "Birds of Saskatchewan" by H. H. iltchell,

        special nuJmber of the "Canadian Field-Naturalist" a 
        few years ago; F. Bradshaw had a paper on the "Intro- 
        duction of the Hungarian Partridge in Western Canada"."

    ,!' He is now Director of the Provincial Museum, Regina, 
       Saskatchewan, and might have a separate or copy of this 
       paper. There is good Canadian material in Phillip's 
       "Dmcks of the World", and, of course, "The North Ameri-

       can Paunas" which deal with Canada are excellent. 
       "Number 27 Athabasca-MacKenzie District" by Preble, and

       the one that deals with the Hudson Bay Region are per- 
       haps the most important. There would be a wealth of 
       short articles as well and the summary reports of the 
       Geological Survey would be useful, but I doubt if you 
       could find them without coming to Ottawa and working 
       for a while at the Library of the National Museum and 
       the Geological Survey. 
                                 Yours very truly, 
                                           Hoye   loyd 
                                      Wild Life Division 
  Aldo Leopold, Esq., 
    421 Chemistry Bldg., 
       Madison, Wisconsin.