Visual display of the Aldo Leopold papers : 9/25/10-3 : County, State and Foreign Files

                                             Met* Pheasan~t 
                                                   Xlchsetts e   ' 
 txwtat from letter from Willim Yegt, National Association of 
 Audbon Societies, Octoer 13, 19, 
 "I have just had a letter from Dr. Frank T.       , 2 Chetmt St.. 
 Wakefield, Mass., who for sixt years has ýante4 an been very 
 familiar with ertain arms in the Northeast. He writes me a ve% 
 intelligent letter oomnentin oA the apent 'ora' of Pheasants 
 and qail, as well as of Grouse, altho       he has aparently read 
 nothing about th. He eal 'Last LaboDa y, 1937, 1 flushed 23 
 Pheasant In our back field where theq had lived all mnmer. When the 
 huntina season opened, but one was to be found and as far as I knw 
 he survived and none of the others were found. AM this spring, for 
 the first time in fifteen or mere years, not one has been heard, and 
y doeg finds no trace of them.' I pass this iufortioea on to you 
with the thought that you ight like to write him.. 
(Origiml letter from Vogt filed in Cuce folder.)