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SH      THOMA.                                f ..I..H.... 
                         jEE  LUNCOLN 
 J GRLLIS                           --       IU. LL WO h 
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      O                  ....if T-r LAu"N "EoS  * 
                    ZR~i       EDWARDS 
   O RN T 5A                    wlowA  RAT 
          MORTO  I I                         KINGMIAN 
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       II       ii     o  . . . 
                             RAND MrNALLY 
                          LETTER SIZE OUTLINE MAP 
                             KANSAS              ooyrig, 
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t by Rand MCNally & Company, C 
   XADE IN Ut S. A. 
96.       9   23 
06            OP 
The Law Prohibits Copying or Reproduetion by Any Proeess for Personal ise
or Resale. 
  OTTWA         I 
*1      DICKINS 
Wo           !do 
     MAitLL EMAH    BROWN 
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                  7ATHi ISO 
Copy to Mr. 1k. T. Cox 
           Jul 2,                              193 
 Dr. 0. W hmo 
 D   b. MUGW* 
         I wired ym rgtt1y Wat I  m  of n mtable      *14.t, 
 for the Ketc postition asiroa of t an 
         QA reason or ty a1  I a that the Now Delbrm   mn    h 
 past yawt hav  witdteom          almost dry at men traine in wildif.t 
         I ko of one mm Wh  14 bo        fors t r p 
 bt I dobt if you cu       hin beams. hel s .*e  Us a good  , ,4 th 
 job twove,Wo  mh Iss* polttiod wI*. A~mrin1y I did no~t fee alk 
 lityw to omtitea hi.  in an aifo4 w     in a wr  o a 
 r "for toto William         s   bosettlnt A6Ii tstution, hlmk MY 
 ft11m, Tisooxota 
         Su     Is about 0 ya o    He ha n M o         -ami ometon, 
 It heowas ootot*d - m            I at gm in Ibm at tor ti 
 I wa  -   ng the I Om    ion Plan. D   ballat wo   In 
 thin pvoition, ho fell vitimo, a    pitt  ust, after which ho 
        t  Rwttlinat job whic ilvs the petiao gatms mm- 
 agemet onas large are o mb-ýsd tam       beingpmoae in centra 
 Wisconsin. In addition to ben  an epeienood 6m  amae, au 
 has smthig aki to oS1.o in law onfbowostna nd wadtomiai 
 I consider his the best law  tonfoem  ma I hmw of, both as m 
 IndIvIdiu p~rfora  ean as an .waumv, 
         I he no 1*u whther you coul interest his In yaur openin 
 and In ria, of his post e~rsns h oul dou.btlesso wat to knw a 
 whale lot abot you  mst-v before conuidering it trome4ye 
                          Your*s increy, 
                               A14 Leopold 
                         Priofesso of Goo gmanfat