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                                            4ý24 Univeyrity farr rlace

Mr. Js Stcklay Ligon. 
Ligon Gaem Farm 
Qarlsb!4A, New Mextoo 
Doar Stokl-yi 
I have been dlsooumged. about the New Maxexo situation ever 
sle, about 1925, but I feel I am     n posittion to intervene. 
If I wrote a letter to anybody protesting the pregent ord. 
I would have to be able to back up m  statents with details 
of which I had p   osere l nowledge, z4 as you know, I h-ve no 
personal knowedge of details at all. I would have to be 
espeoially caroeful in th casse of iretar   Ickes, sine. I 
have ugually beon across the fence from hin. 
I feel thAt the reme4 for thle sitwition w1il have to come 
from inside the state, 
I was extremely gla that you and St-rer have ýOttinu acquainted, 
and I an taking the liberty of senin   to him that prt of your 
letter which dals with turkeys. 
What does Judge Botts say should be done in New M4exico at pre~sent? 
I would lean heavily on his 09Tuion. 
With best rgalrds to yourself oand MIrs. 14igon, 
                          Turs sinoerely, 
                          Aldo Leopold 
                          Profeesor of Wildlife Iti,-nremnt