Visual display of the Aldo Leopold papers : 9/25/10-3 : County, State and Foreign Files

2. Planning of finance of field assistant' course, now going forward. 
3. Preparation of vooational oourre. Now going forward. 
4. Selection of field assistants. Now going forward. It is planned 
to have four men and to divide the townshlp equally between them. They 
will make observations and inventory of wild-ife during fall winter 
and spring, under director of Mr. Glenn W. Bradt, instructor of Zoology 
at Michigan State College. He will conduct the vocational course. 
5- Mapping of the area. Qombination oontour, soil and cover map. Ex- 
peqt to hate this done une4r director of Dr. MoMurray of the University 
of Michigan, who has made several cover maps this ammer for the Con- 
servation Department. Taks about three weeks for one man to map a 
township. This work is to go forward immediately. 
6. Preparation of reports for farmers to indicate gun-days and kill. 
T~o be oolleated after pheasant season Ocotber 25th to 31st>. 
7. Organization of chapter field ocmmittees. 
8.   lttin of cover paterns by technical committee. 
9. rield oounoils, to advise on improvements for typical oover aombi- 
10. Planning of winter feeding operations by local ontrol and teahni- 
al oommittee, assisted by chapter fieldmmmittees. 
11. Start of field observations and inventory by November. 
12. Local cntro1 committee to arrange with farmer for instl*lation 
of *permanent" cover improvements,, legal instruments, etc... during
ter. Improvements to be made in the spring at planting times-. 
13. Joint meetings of control and technical ooiittees durin winter 
to consider reports on wild-life observations and inventory. -Field 
oouncils to meet one or twice during the winte, probably ind oos. 
14. Correspondence with members of tohia oomititees,, national and 
loal control committs, and members of      eld a 
15, Preparation of regular reports to be     lished  To go to faxmers 
of the area and to memers of all local, state and national committees. 
16. Organization of public relations committee, xpect superintendent 
of schools in Willissston will take this over. 
17. Ocoasional field trips and attendanoe at classes. 
18. Monthly chapter meetings. Public disoussion of such problems as 
predator oontrol. 
19. Publicity to daily and weekly papers. 

L. Drafting of policy report to Governor and Legislators elect. To 
be submltted to chapters first. Basis of much newspaper comment and 
news stories. Will be center of debate. Will include correlation of 
methods and defense of private shooting preserve law as a going ex- 
2. State Board meetings. Appointments to conservation commission to 
be considered.  Also retention of present conservation director, an 
issue bound up in the state program. 
3. Fall convention. 
C. Qonferences with University and Conservation      ission concerning 
the fish-life experimental project now under way.  This is a conten- 
tious and important issue and checks back to lack ef ooordination of 
methods and lack of understanding of the purposes to be served by of- 
ficial administration. 
5- Publicity for state magazines. 
1. Drafting of bills. 
"2. Daily contact with house and senate secretaries, aooounting for

bills and follow-up. 
3- Gontat with house and senate committees. Formal and informal 
oonferences, attendanae at hearings. 
;. Reports to constituents. 
5. Collaboration and reports to divisional le    lative committees. 
Oorrespondenoe with chapters, 
6. Conferences with Governor and Gns       ±on Department. 
         The work schedule is so hevy that it is apparent that god 
organization is necessary, Idiations are that interest will run so 
high .that oommi 'tteeo will fnotion moe eflfoiently than committees 
usually do. Additional clerical work may beoome necessary. If so, 
cost will be defraye by 0tate division. 
                   Make-up and Funotions of Committees 
         The following is sugested: 
1. National control committee. Chairman, Mr. Seth E. Gordon; Mr. 
Willoughby G. Walling; Mr. George E. Scott; Mr. H. F. Harper; Senator 
. Bradford; Mr. M. KReckord; Mr        Aldo  eopold and Mr. EarlC. 
Doyle. Committee to have authority over the project.