Visual display of the Aldo Leopold papers : 9/25/10-3 : County, State and Foreign Files

H. L. TILTON. P---                                  L.0 T[LTON,T .... 
Wý H. FOSTER, ViC-PRES.                             H S. TI LTON,

                      108 MASSACHUSETTS AVENUE 
                    BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS 
                                            December 22, 1928. 
   Mr. Aldo Leopold, 
   Garie Survey, 
   421 Chemistry Building, 
   Madison, Wisconsin. 
   Dear Mr. Leopold: 
               I have your letter of December 12th in regard 
   to data on winter killings of quail in Massachusetts and 
   New England. 
               I shall try to get this material together for 
   you, but would suggest also that you write to Dr. John C. 
   Phillips, President, Massachusetts Fish & Game Protective 
   Association, 41 Mount Vernon Street, Boston, for what 
   information he can supply you on the same supject. 
               Of course, you are familiar with Dr. Phillips. 
   Two years ago he completed a survey of the records of 
   wild birds introduced on planted in North America. The 
   information was published several years later, April 1928, 
   as Technical Bulletin No. 61, Bureau of Biological Survey. 
   In getting this information, Dr. Phillips doubtless re- 
   freshed his memory or added to his records regarding the 
   interstate shipment of birds, particularly quail from the 
   South to New England. Also a number of years ago, Dr. Phil- 
   lips made a careful study of the plumage of bobwhite quail 
   and published a little circular on the subject, with a place 
   showing the influence of Southern stock on the plumage of 
   our native birds. I am sure that Dr. Phillips can give you 
   much more information than I can on the subject. However, 
   I will be very glad to give you what information I have 
3, "O yOu laser. 
ild suggest also that you write to Mr. Charles 
ancaster Theatre, Lancaster Street, Boston, 
Ration on the dates and approximate numbers 
iail imported from the South to Massachusetts. 
.k was a very active officer in the Massachu- 
Fish and Game Protective Association some 
;y or twenty-five years ago, and I believe 
.harge of the purchase and distribution of 
iern quail here. The Secretary of the Associa- 
at that time is not living, and I believe