Visual display of the Aldo Leopold papers : 9/25/10-3 : County, State and Foreign Files

                                            July 8th, 1935. 
                                            Kingman Ave, 
                                            Des Moines, Ia. 
Mr. Aldo Leopold 
Madison, 1isc. 
Dear Aldo; 
            Due to the fact that you were resposible for me b&ing 
 placed in charge of the game division I febl that I owe you an 
 explanation of what is taking place at the present time. Please 
 do not take from this letter that I am sour grapes but, am only 
 interested in conservation and hate to see the thing wrecked. It 
 is to large a program and for the fenefit of wild life it should 
 be carried out as set out in the 25 year program. 
            I recieved my notice yesterday that I would not fit 
 in on the presnt set up, and my services were no longer needed. 
 When the two dept; were consolidated I was approached wether I 
 would except the position of being placed in charge of the 
 enforcement division under certain conditiond. This of course 
 was impossible for the reason that I have the sportsmen and 
 conservationists interst at heart and will not and would not 
 take it. I insisted that unless I would be assured that no 
political trades were made in our field personel especially amongst 
the out standing men and those vacanceis that had to be filled 
be filed with qaulified men or men that would have conservation 
at heart and not political gains. This of course eliminated me 
because I was to straight laced. 
            Only through hard work and the splendid honest efforts 
 and cooperation of   . Bode has it been possible to built up a 
 fairly good field f'jrce. I know that if you had the oppertunity 
 to see what has been accomblished along this line that you will 
 aggree with me. Th-~e many neccessarry changes that had to be made 
 In order to hiat   good foundation to go on has brought the 
       -,A.. heat Vnto myself as well as Mr Bode. Many srupolous 
  -nods are beine circulated also flowery letters of explanations 
  are sent out to the inquireing pTblic which I hope some day 
  will speak for themselves. 

     I do not wish to go into details but it would surprise you 
of the facts and evidence that I have of the men that are implicated 
in makeing political trades instead of building up for the good of 
conservation. At an oppertunity time I will be glad to discuss in 
detail some of the things that are really being done for personal 
     I have only retieved two weeks notice and this puts me in a 
very bad way as you know jobs are scaresea. hard to get. I have 
done ndiM nothing in the least fourteen1bii t conservation work and it is

rather difficulty for me to adjust myself to other work. I have as 
you know two young daughters and for the reason I need a job and 
cannot afford to lay up long. I have not been able to lay up much as 
I only since the last few months been getting full pay. 
     If you have or know of any opening where I would fit in I would 
appreciate you letting me know and I assure that I will give all 
I have to the work. It does not have to be permanent only so that 
I can keep my family. I have also spoen to Mr. Darling for position 
did not however relate any of the things that are taking place in 
the Iowa's set. Unless a person was on the inside it would be unbel 
eavable that things can get so bad in such a short time. 
     Trusting that there is a place some where in this conservatbon wok 
that I would fit as that is the only work that I have done for years.I, 
appreciate any help that you may be able to give me. 
                                      Sincerely Yours,-