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                                          42 Uive     lst ra Paeo 
Prof. ftua Salomonee 
Valb7       q 1 
Denark,     ms 
          I appr  ate very   b y our. lottln me hav. the 
two copies of the ptarmigan moogaph, and I particlarly 
appreiate yu sei      o   of them grattis. MoR orde 
to  ove  the other cpy is birg sent you   blishers 
         Since you supply Is running short, you aq be 
intersted to      that the extra opy te for Mr. Y. N. 
Ramsrtrom Jr.. on* of xV graate studets wh has been 
suyn prairie chicmk for five years, ad who this a 
great deal of his orithoogical librasy. You ma be aswsured 
therefore, that the copy wil be In eostant use an will be 
well eared for. 
         Hanestrou, by the my, has been trying to find 
pluage crteria of sex snd  g, and with only partial   wss. 
It wa  in this connection that we first heard of yor very 
         I an sending 7U Rsom recent repints on the pralirie 
chicken an the uploa plover writte    mW    sa4 ets. 
                            Sieerely youse, 
                                Aldo Lepld 
                        Professor of Wildlife Management 

IRN 7 
    MARo  , 
Dr.Finn Salom 
.Valby Ianggad 
D).e nmar -aEr 
lby,       ProfAldo Leopold 
           Univ.of Wisconsin 
           Coll. of Agriculture 
  Mad!i sQn 
Wi sconsin