Visual display of the Aldo Leopold papers : 9/25/10-3 : County, State and Foreign Files

Research: Refine and improve the technique of lake restoration by finding

what constitutes nesting cover for the 7 species still nesting in Iowa. 
How can nesting capacity be increased? What are the causes of nest 
mortality? Juvenile mortality? Can re-occupation of idle breeding grounds

be hastened by planting breeding stock? Find by banding the survival 
value and returning progeny of such plantings. What factors limit the 
southerly extension of the breeding range? Can they be controlled? Are 
grits a factor? How does the sex-ratio affect breeding behavior or success?

         Does early opening deplete local stock? What is the crippling 
loss in various types of shooting? Can shooting practices be regulated 
to reduce it? 
         What foods can be developed in the artificial lakes of southern
         Develop data, through a system of selected observers, on the 
status and trend of Jacksnipe, woodcock, and upland plorer. What spots 
in the state refuges need to be altered for their special accomodation? 
          What is the status of the mourning dove? Is an open season 
warranted in any part of the state? 
          Do breeding wood ducks depend mainly on hollow trees, or are 
ground-sites sufficient to hold them on waters otherwise suitable? 
          Cooperate with the Biological Survey in migratory bird research.

 Get the Upper Mississippi Refuge 4* undertake research of inter-state interest

 suitable for its lands. 
                               Rabbit Program 
 Research: Does holing up act as an automatic check against overshooting?

          Under what conditions do cottontails render the best buffer