Visual display of the Aldo Leopold papers : 9/25/10-3 : County, State and Foreign Files

                                                Nov. 10, 1932 
Mr. Liter E. Spence 
School of Jorestry 
University of Idaho 
Moscow, Idaho 
Dear Mr. Spence: 
           Your outline for the game maea ament course 
looks very good and I have no criticisms to offer. It is 
much better than some outlines I have seen for similar 
           I wish youwery u'ccess in your project and 
look forward to an opportunity for a visit with you. 
                           Yours sincerely, 
                                       ALDO LEOPOLD 
I , 

                  SOUTHERN BRANCH 
               UNIVERsITY OF IDAHO 
                         Feb. 6, 1932 
Mr. Aldo Leopold 
In Charge--Game Survey 
905 University Avenue, 
Madison, Wisconsin. 
Dear Mir. Leopold: 
          Your article entitled "Game Range" which 
appeared in the October issue of the Journal of Forestry 
opens up a field which, I am sure, should be expanded 
and offered not only to practising foresters, but to 
students as well, for study. 
          Most of us dream about game management as 
something that it would be nice to have, and when 
we are asked a specific question regarding a definite 
problem, we simply shrug and answer 'Ido not know". 
Nor do we have the opportunity to get out and pick 
up at first hand, the knowledge that you have gleaned 
through many years. 
          Personally, I feel that there is a definite 
need for such a book, and I hope that enough other 
foresters and game men will show interest in this 
project to enable you to publish it this year. 
Professor of Forestry 
CMG: b