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                                            Nov~emb1er  12 
Mr. Artliar L. Clar, 
101n Masac~hueettsv., 
Dea Mr. 01.*,i 
          1 hae no hal ti-A to g. over the file of articles wAhic 
you so kindly sent meon the Ga  Resto-t Ion Prga   n hae. 
cl1pfp4 a4 bound thos articles for W, library. 
          I am$ of coarse,, heartil in sypah with your paeoral 
14.. of d&,Stw dotm to the basic priacipia. un6w17rlyr Vmco, 
servation and býrmr1~iha the bic on the necessity of starting to 
ap-py t~m in pratice. By and laqge the appli catlIcas wbioh yo 
advocte alse strikew as* good with one posuible Msslor and that 
Is the necesslt7 of aetunlly preparing the conr to reeiv  the 
,gw, In other   ordt,~ tht co-Arol, of onviroivnzrt. To -ý vay of

think'rie this Ise the nzvt b4g idi tPmt the Aaericsa Sp~rtmsa 
will h-are to abso.t. The C~ rstorft ion prgrm    of ouse. 
touhe   it In .mvre1 ýJla-tes mhe ~as wibter fse4I6 and the estaliab

ment of food patches, but there Is.s lot mor to It then that. Th 
quaIl 'Tellomships WýIlcf I wIlI describe at tb' 3atioawl GaeCn 
ferenc, has a. tb't4w object the 4evelomat of oeednU   facts on 
          I look fomri to the opportunity of 4lwaessU4 the.. ruttera 
with yati i pvrvon *;nt~t *ývllsisy ti.,y t~a ut bc arnt~sftor1ly

pr.eset by iettou.r T ',ti1 Aioo -v&-1u;- ýy-r oritlolen of the
wo*k of 
          Thwi you asiai for scflnm    t'he full tet of materWal 
                                     Yours sincerely, 
Copies sent to Olin and Dill. 
1'21 Ch'001027 Buildint