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         It is not planned to attempt to place this entire project in 
operation this year, but to concentrate activities on a tract of 
12,000 acres in Harper county. A covey-check of this area was made 
last week, and approximately 2,000 quail have survived on this refuge. 
To this amount 250 more have been added by the state and the plan of 
food-planting, predator control, leanto coverts,etc. will begin at 
once on this sanctuary. If the plan is successful on this sanctuary 
the entire program will be placed in effect in 1931. 
         Sportsmen of the state are free in estimating that from 5 to 
50% of the entire quail population of the state perished in one month 
this year during the unprecedented cold weather. Like everywhere else 
in matters of this nature, their opinions differ widely. The commission 
estimates that l10 of the quail population did perish from cold and 
hunger, and last week finished planting 10,000 Mexican birds in various 
sections of the state. More than 600 of these birds were placed on the 
three field trial grounds, Vinita, Claremore and Oklahoma City. 
         I told the commission of our field trial quail demonstration 
proposal, and of Stoddard's decision that, while Vinita is the logical 
place for such a project, he would not like to undertake the work of 
a demonstration before a year's study had been made of conditions on 
these grounds. I suggested that this was an excellent opportunity for 
the commission to test the refuge plan in a place where the most Ok- 
lahoma sportsmen would see it in operation, and that such a refuge 
would be of great benefit to the sportsmen as well as providing the 
commission with a considerable amount of favorable publicity. They 
fell in with the idea readily and are taking the matter up with Dr. 
F.M.Adams. Dr. Adams, I feel sure, will cooperate fully and will 
be successful in blocking up a goodly acreage in that area as a state 
game refuge. The signs we saw there last November (State Game Refuge) 
are old and the state has no lease on any of this acreage. So it may 
be that we will 7et a field trial demonstration stattdd at Vinita yet. 
The Harper county and Vinita projects are the only ones the commission 
intends inaugurating this season, but may extend the plan. 
       Van H.Montgomery, state game war cýn, is a close personal friend

of mine, and one of long standing as I have known him in field trial 
activities. He is anxious for me to make a trio over the state with 
him in organization work, which will probably be done at a later date. 
       The commission is anxious for aid and advice and welcomed my 
visit enthusiastically. 
       If you would care for an article on this project for the maga- 
zine or for the news service I can probably secure some photographs 
and elaborate upon the scheme. It is by far the most extensive sanc- 
tuary scheme yet proposed by'any of the states within my territory. 

                               CO &IBND 
                        Out           Life 
                        OUTDOOR i RECREATION 
                            1824 KIJURAh,3EET 
JOHN A. McGUIRE                                        CAPT. CHAS. ASKINS

   PUBLISHER                                             SHOT GUN EDITOR

                                       Ames, Okla. Nov" 1%, !4. 
            Mr- Aldo Leopold, 
            Game Survey, 
            421 Chemistry Building, 
            Madison, Wis. 
            Dear Sir: 
                     I have your letter concerning the boy and have 
            just written to Mr F. C. Pooler, District Forester, 
            ,lbuquerque, N. Mex"   Than you very much. 
                   I have also your twenty five questiors about 
   j ~      game. Naturally I will give you what help I can, 
            which may be limited. 
                    I can tell you some things howeverand when 
            the time comes will do the best I can. Conditions here 
            in the west are probably difference from those In the 
            Last where they tell me ducks are about as plentf"ul 
      C.J   as ever- 
      J             The bag limit has been reduced in Oklahoma to 
            10 birds a dayand the same limit on quail. we have 
     -,     only three shooting days a week,betinninT NOV. 20, 
            on quail- The seasons limit on quail is I belive 
            50 birdsbut such limits never canbe enforeced- 
            Ducks are now burnt out as soon as they come in here 
            rby the numbers of shooting men, which T estlrate 
            have increased about ten fold since the war- 
                     Turkeys are now to be found only 
            in the southeast section of the state, chickens in 
            a county or two bordering on Texas Panhandle. Neither 
            has an open seasonbut are shot. Der have reappared in 
            here and we are having a dickens of a time to keep 
            them from all being shot by men who are cominp in 
   P        here for that purpose* State game dept is not 
            functioning very well. 
                     I'd estimate the ducks as not over one bird 
             in a hundred that used to come in hereand the quail 
             have decreased about one halfin the past fifteen 
             years. Even rabbits are becominr, scar'ce and 
             squirrels. The farmers are packing shotguns now, 
             and the drummers usually have a 410 In their cars by 
             taking bunnhes of qual along the road. Many farms are 
             gosted to what thiere used to beand that is the only 
             ope for the quail--somebody not permi+ttin their sbootin'.,.

             before you get into the state we will take all this up. 
                      Yours, Chas- Askins.