Visual display of the Aldo Leopold papers : 9/25/10-3 : County, State and Foreign Files

               MOSCOW, IDAHO 
             November 4, 1932 
Mr. Aldo Leopold 
905 University Avenue 
Madison, Wisconsin 
Dear Mr. Leopold: 
            My major field of study., in Forestry 
is in Range Management and though I have had very 
little experience in game management, I am very 
much interested in it. For the past three years 
I have devoted part of the time in a course in 
Forest Recreation to game matters. I have talked 
the matter over with the Dean of the Forestry School 
and I have his permission to establish a course in 
Game Management as soon as it can be developed. For 
four years I have been gradually building on my own 
ideas until now I have a fair amount of information 
worked up along the lines of the enclosed outline. 
            I would greatly appreciate if if you 
would take the time to review this outline, making 
any corrections or additions which you see fit to. 
                           Very truly yours, 
                           Liter Z. Spence 
                           Instructor in Forestry