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                        GAME PROGRAM ADVANCING 
     The Iowa Conservation Commission has spent $69,156.70 in the last 
two years on its game development program and now has 325 game manage- 
ment areas located in S0 different counties. These areas cover 912,562 
acres and include 5,182 farms. 
     Under the present game management plan, individual farms are estab-

lished as game management areas vdherever the landholder is interested 
in perpetuating wildlife as well as providing sport for hunters. Quite 
often areas are improved through the efforts of local sportsmen who are 
interested in improving their own sport. 
     After the application for the establishment of a game management 
area has been approved by the Game Department, the area is mapped and 
a reconnaissance is taken of food and cover conditions and of the game 
population. Wherever necessary, recommendations are made for the im- 
provement of the environment so that wildlife can propagate under 
natural conditions and have suitable homes in which to live. If the 
landholder, sportsmen or sportsmen's group agree to make the necessary 
improvements, a signed agreement is then required by the Conservation 
Commission which provides that they will carry out the game management 
practices recommended for the area and will endeavor, with the cooper- 
ation of the Conservation Commission to produce an annual game crop. 
They also must agree to allow hunting on the area whenever there is a 
surplus available to be taken. The Conservation Commission agrees that 
when the recommended improvements have been carried out it will post 
the area with signs, which afford the landholder added protection 
against unauthorized hunting, as provided by the Iowa law. 
     The following table shows the number of areas in each county in 
the state and the type of game to which the area is devoted: 
County    Areas Type of Area         County     Areas Type of Area 
Adams        2 Quail                 Jasper        2 Pheasant 
Allamakee    2 PheasantR.grouse      Jefferson     4 Quail 
Appanoose   13 Quail, waterfowl      Jones         6 Quail,pheasant 
Audubon      1 Quail                 Kossuth       3 Pheasant 
Benton       4 Quail,pheasant        Lee           9 Quail 
Black Hawk  13 Pheasant,partridge    Linn          8 Pheasant,quail 
Boone        9 Pheasant,quail        Louisa        7 Quail 
Butler       3 Pheasant              Lucas         7 Quail 
Cass         2 Pheasant,quail        Madison       2 Quail 
Cedar        2 Quail    -            Mahaska       3 Quail 
Cerro Gordo  7 Pheasant              Marion        5 Quail 
Cherokee     1 Pheasant              Marshall      1 Pheasant 
Clarke       6 Quail,waterfowl       Mills         3 Pheasant,quail 
Clinton      3 Quail                 Mitchell      2 Pheasant 
Crawford     1 Pheasant              Monroe        7 Quail 
Dallas       3 Pheasant              Montgomery    3 Quail,beaver 
Davis        S Quail                 Muscatine        Quail 
Decatur      4  Quail                O'Brien       1 Partridge 
Delaware     4 Pheasant,quail        Page          1 Quail 
Des Moines   5 Quail                 Palo Alto     3 Pheasant, water- 
Dickinson    2 Partridge,pheasant                      fowl,partridge 
Dubuque      6 Pheasant, quail       Plymouth      1 Pheasant 
                 raccoon             Polk          5 Pheasant 
Emmet        4 Pheasant              Pottawattamie 1 Quail 
Fayette      3 Pheasant, prairie     Ringgold      5 Quail 
                 chicken             Sac           3 Pheasant, quail 
Franklin        Pheasant             Scott         8 Quail 
Fremont         Quail                Shelby        3 Quail, pheasant 
Greene       6 Pheasant, quail       Tama          1 Pheasant 
Grundy       1 Pheasant              Taylor        2 Quail 
Guthrie      6 Pheasant, quail       Union         , Quail,waterfowl 
Hamilton     1 Pheasant              Van Buren        Quail 
Hancock      1 Pheasant              Wapello      15 Pheasant, quail 
Harrison     2 Quail                 Warren        3 Quail 
Henry        4 Quail                 Washington    5 Quail 
Howard       2 Prairie chicken,      Wayne         6 Quail 
                 pheasant            Webster       1 Pheasant 
Humboldt     2 Pheasant              Winnebago     1 Pheasant 
Ida          1 Pheasant              Winneshiek    4 Pheasant, quail 
Iowa         3 Quail, pheasant       Woodbury      2 Pheasant,beaver 
Jackson     12 Quail                 Worth         1 Pheasant 
Adair        2- Quail