Visual display of the Aldo Leopold papers : 9/25/10-3 : County, State and Foreign Files

Godoard College 
h>CRJATI 'NAL BIOLOGY- A course designed to introduce the 
  student to the wild life resources of the state as they 
  are utilized for recreational purposes.    ihe course 
  will include the biological relationships of the fish 
  and game animals, conservation, fish and game laws, 
  methods of hunting and fishing, safety, and good sportsmanship. 
                       Unit I 
Black Bass 
   Biological Helationships - ulassification, Life 'iHistory 
      Ecology, Distribution. 
   Conservation - ame Laws, erotection, Propagation. 
   Methods of Fishing - Live Bait, 2rolling, Bait Uasting, 
     'ly Fishing. 
   Equipment - hods, reels, lines, and lures. 
   Demonstrations - Bass fishing qquipment. 
                     Bait uasting. 
   iaboratory Practice - ±ait uasting 
   Field Trips - bass Fishing in near by lakes. 
                      Unit ID 
Upland Uame Birds 
   biological t- elatio ships - Opecies, Ulassification, 
      Ecology, Distribution. 
   Conseration - Game Lars, flatural and Managed covers, 
      Iropagation, hefuges, fredators. 
   Bird Dogs - Types, training, handling. 
   Equipment - Guns for upland shooting. 
   Safe handling of firearms. 
   Demonstrations - 
       Guns and -mntini equipment. 
       Hlandling a bird dog. 
   Laboratory practice - 
        i rap and skeet shooting. 
   Field Trips - Observation of a field trial. 
                  Upland hunting. 
                       Tniu iII 
         Unit IV                                 Unit VII 
Fish and Game Legislation 
                                     Brook and stream fishing 
         Unit V                       for Trout. 
 Ice Fishing                                     Unit VIII 
                                     Lake Fishing for Trout, 
         Unit VI                       Salmon, Lake jrout. 
         ( The plan is to begin the study of each form 
           bear the begifrning of its open season.)