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                          April 9, 1929. 
Dr, E. ?. Rohok 
State Geologist, 
yermi1!ion, So. Dak. 
De~ar Mr. ,&lothrock: 
          I aebefor me yorltter of April 4th rel- 
atlve to Mr.  do      lds rquest for I normation on the 
pheasants In South   ota. 
         The eloed map gives you rathr a deixnite idp. 
of     relative abn    e of phaants in ourtate, the 
d~arker areas representing the sections in v  hthe pheas- 
ants are most numerous. This, however* cannot be taken as 
con-cluive evidnse that these are  provi   o  itions that 
are more conducive to the popagation of pheaas than oth- 
er seottons; the pheaszt bing  asou know, semi-domestic 
and more homing in his habits  n are most other game birds. 
An a result, areas In nh *hi  original stock vas released 
ar the areas that are now, and have ben for a nubr of' 
years* most thickly populat.ed. 
         From ou #bservations, the etire astern half of 
our state proves attractive to the phesant. Ths I attrib- 
ute largey to the fact that the pheaan will not thr'ive 
in undeveloped #setloe o? in 5tion# where faming oper- 
ations are not arred on rather xtensively. 
         I am sending you an extra oopy of this letter in 
the eent you should desire to send it on to r. Leopold. 
                  Very truly yourst 
ENC.                       Dep r   nt of Game and -iit, 
_ _Directot