Visual display of the Aldo Leopold papers : 9/25/10-3 : County, State and Foreign Files

The other matter that I wanted to write you about is the 
status of Bill Schuenke. 
Naturally, with things going the way they were, Bill was 
somewhat uneasy about his future. He tells me that he had 
conferences with Dr. Boone, Mrs. Frankel--who is chairman 
of the commission--and Mr. Hutton, the new director. They 
all of them assured him that there was no intention of 
removing him and that he would not receive a salary cut. 
On the strength of his conversations he tells me he has 
turned down several opportunities that came to him as soon 
as people bec@an to sense what was going on. Not more than 
a week after the above assurances were given him, the 
commission voted to release him and gave him a two weeks' 
notice. Theyhave told him that it was not because of lack 
of ability or efficiencey but because they felt he would 
not fit into the new organization. I think it was one of 
the most unfair things of all the things taut the new 
commission has done. Nevertheless, Bill is out, and I 
am trying to help him get located because I feel that his 
practical knowlege of game out to be made use of somewhere 
in the game field. 
You,of course, are about as familiar as I am with his 
qualifications and ability, and there isn't any need of 
my setting these forth to you except to say that dubing the 
time he has worked under me he nas done a very fLine piece 
of work and that the thing which pleased me most wag his 
ability to plan and orgdnize programs and get them under 
.operationit thefield. There are aertain members of the 
commission who have not aggreed with Schuenke or me on 
some of the methods or the rate at which certain things 
should be done, but I am convinced ifAat these criticisms 
arise because of their lack of understanding of what is 
involved in bringing about a new program involving the 
large amount of educational work and the changing og the 
habits of thinking of so large a group of people as has been 
necessary with the program that the old commission undertooX 
There are some things that the State of Iowa is not yet 
ready to accept and the best way to wreck the whole thing 
is to try to crowd it down their necks before they will 
begin to swallow. I mention this angle again only because, 
in order to defend actions taken, there seem to be insinu- 
ations afloat that are not the actual facts. Bill's record 
with the department is a good one and absolutely square and 
above board. 
Therefore, if you have anything that you could suggest to 
Bill that would help him get located on new work, I know he 
will greatly apreciate~and so will I. 
                            Sincerely yours,