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Sept. 16,1930 
'Mr. A. H. 
          7   Fry of Seattle has told me of his recent Iter- 
esti   vieit to your place fxnd of the  ,ti   ft tht 
p~rairie (lchi*.ns are ag-ain bicoming c.xion In -mr region. 
          The     o mrey whi-ck haI e been mnlnntirt-, In other 
statens Indl,ýtes that the alternative  eriods of a dnen   and 
smwcity in prairie  h     s ir be  ire or less nation-wide 
a0d slt mtaxie . ! s anxious therefore to  Ather nviden 
on the dates of         and sa rcity in as rany localities as 
I cmi. lifol yro kTinly te1l me to the best of your recollection 
durim vwht years ci2i      vre almlant or Sanr  in your local- 
ity?  If y1,ui cenimt ramebar all the years, give me such fta 
meats of inftnntion i   as you are  mreaeabl'r sue of. 
          I vwuld also like to make mire ihr-t vour chiclen is the 
tnrt. pairie chic   or piwated   u    (be ast barred horizontally 
like a Plymouth *), or whether it Is th western sharptail 
greume (breast barred vertically). 
          Tyou for your          pertlon, 
                           Yours sincerely, 
                                In Oh-arge, Game ftrey 
Dictated ~'b Mr. Leopold. 
'but si~ed In his absence. 

                uly 26, 1     . 
Mr, Bruoe Nowlin, Coissioner, 
Game & Fish Ommission, 
State of Wyoming, 
Cheyenne, Wyoming. 
Dear Sir: 
        Your letter of July 16th addressed to 
the Sporting Arms &       ion Mlaufaoturers' 
Institute has been referred to me as Chairman of 
the Ccoittee on Restoration and Prot eot ion of 
        I have sent a copy of Mor letter to 
Mr# Aldo    pd,who is conduoting the Survey 
for the Iustitute, and I am sure he will bear 
your letter in mind when in your vicinity. 
        We appreoiate your offer of oooperation. 
                  Yours very trul.y,, 
               Comittee on Restorat ion 
    ZX*Oin:W   and Proectlion of Goe 
Messrs. Aldo Leopold:/ 
        C. 3tevart Coneaux: