Visual display of the Aldo Leopold papers : 9/25/10-3 : County, State and Foreign Files

service to game birds? What response in cottontails follows cover 
and food improvements for game birds? 
         Are there disease relationships between cottontails and game birs
         Do jackrabbits tend to exclude cottontails? 
         Cooperate with the Michigan cottontail investigation. 
                         Miscellaneous Program 
         Bring into state ownership the 'jungles" of the Missouri bottoms,

and operate as a public shooting ground, with itterspersed refuges for 
waterfowl, deer, and pheasants. Move the Shelby deer herd to this area. 
         Bring into state ownership the clay bluffs along the Missouri 
and manage for quail, turkey, and pheasants. A refuge for sharptail 
and -nev-t-.ik bbep should form a part of this area. The protection of these

bluffs from grazing is essential to prevent the silting of drainage ditches

and lakes in the adjoining bottoms. 
          Restock with wild turkey suitable public areas in southeast 
 and northeast Iowa. 
          Have the wardens census all heron rookeries and other foci of 
 ornithological interest, and report their status annually. 
          Arrange with Ames Forest School and Bureau of Soils to offer 
 technical service and planting stock at cost to farmers desiring to 
 combine erosion-control and game cover. 
          Consider revision of the present woodlot tax law to provide 
 for registration and inspection of areas. 
          Offer technical service to railroads and highway officials 
 willing to leave game cover.