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                                                      Met, Jackrabbit 
                                                            W&AA 0o.

                                                            Barro Co. V 
                                                            Polk C. 
(Prom Wisconsln onservation Buletin, Vol. III, N. T, July, 1938, p. 23.)

          Who i          the first Jack abbits into Wisoonsin? 
          %y Humb      chairman of the Wapa a ount coxAs vation emttee, 
writes to the Bulletins 
          *1 believe in this centra section that W. A, B   of Wautoma 
and Ws.1f were the first and only ones to put the out. as we Cot a shipment

of 12, tour uiles and eight females from Nebras  the latter part of arch,

1900, and reease them a'bout fur niles north of Wautoma on a large r'e field.

W were ptioular to gt the at that particular month as the shiper repr 
seate( that the femaes would be bred then, .M from the fast that there was

ocasionlly one of these killed each *eason thereafter there in no doubt lt

hat this planting uS sucessful. 
          "01 have learned of their being released in the northwest
pert of 
the state an one or two occasion'ap in Barron and Polk counties, but thesis

plantings were along about 1920, and I understand there were quite a good
rabbits up that w   to show for it. 
          ou s= have data on other Introction* as to the tine and place 
and as this atnil seems now destined to be with us and to often help out

the sporton''s bag, it mght be Interesting to r    hunters to learn how thw

came there.0 

                                       1532 University Avsin. 
                                       Y.ra7 19, 193S 
Mr. M - A. Do*io 
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        I do not knw our rgionu in, I considor the 
Woo Couny, Ohl* set-u as the mos promsingq~am exoiut oftis 
kind nv ud  w. I JMu4 from yv  wrte-p thaat  have al 
the availablo infom oa tn   it. kis Information eas be Obtane 
in & set of wsqrphs trom Lwrne 5. Rik, Ohio     toe Unvnrity, 
0oubl s, eM by 4eoe       to te following paper 'by Risks I& th. 
Sy  tiem in Nothwttr fto 0     mlf          e, 
e~mt     e e lb.l O e.M 5 d Mhe4 11  fte  stfre  23? 
        1 am sonding y a gonraisedaM mlysi. of taawr"tr-porew 
**-W  whic migt be of *on va2Ise. 
        I s   enclose the seoti Les dm  u this yew 
ley ova riLle Goe . we 
      MCI                Professor of Owss Uinoemot