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                                          jsa     -24, 1929. 
Mr. John N. Olin, 
     Western 'Ca~rtride  Compay, 
         Eat Alton, Illinois. 
DearMr. Olin: 
         I ws extemely interested in the c lippig about snails 
i        pasits of birds acd &nalns and bae md e a note to 
lok u   rofessor BJqaert when I reach M achustts. Rio f-r 
lin  of  asonlrn is the s   as3 rently enoo~ntered in talktý 
to Dr. ULae al     a  italisTat tbe Unilverity of Vichi~an. 
Dr. La Rue is more secfic L  that he snests t    the breding 
rag   of aterfowl m7 be determined b the distribrttion of certain 
parites of fish, snail and other aquatic life which harbor in 
these aim  ae antexneiteate )ostv and w.,Ach are fatal to -aterfoil 
duringtejvnl t 
         7e has definitly provn this cndtt in to est in tho 
a&* of the Ie rri -kil V, ich for tVhu  reaeen ca    t  reed on 
certain inland lakes tibt br# sco-fTally in the adant prts of 
L4ake Michigan where the fish, probably 7pserh, are n~t prasitizod. 
These lines of thoudht are' el-nfict -nd yaur @hlpi-,~n 
will help me to kecp track of them. 
                                Yours sincerely, 
                                A.Xlo iOPOLDo 
                                In G'ha-c* Garn Survey. 
P.8 O   rao   why I a anxious to start a fellowshp at Michigan 
    is that D. Lana. would cooperate in thestu4. He is vGrY Ien 
    about it.